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F-Sim Space Shuttle APK v2.4.223 Direct Download

F-Sim Space Shuttle
With F-Sim Space Shuttle, a number one flight simulator for iOS finally arrives on Android.
Size: Varies with device | Android: Varies with device
It simulates the space shuttle’s approach and landing in unprecedented detail and accuracy. Take command of the Orbiter during the final minutes of descent, and touchdown safely at the John F. Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base.

After the landing, you can watch a replay of your flight from different perspectives, like a chase plane or from the tower. A sophisticated landing analysis also is available, and only the best pilots are awarded a “perfect landing” score.
F-Sim Space Shuttle

What's New:
v2.4.223 update:
3D sound and improved sound effects.
Highscores and achievements.
Save and share replays.
Automatic backup of settings and stats data.
Video recording (beta)

F-Sim Space Shuttle download full version apk file Below:
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